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Joe Biden in Richmond with John Cougar Mellenkamp and OFA volunteers can’t give away tickets.

I was at an afternoon craft beer festival in downtown Richmond, Virginia this afternoon, just the sort of event you would imagine to find plenty of Obamaroids.At the event i was approached by an attractive young OFA volunteer handing out tickets for a frree John Cougar Mellencamp concert hosted by Mr. and Dr Biden in Richmond tomorrow night(election eve) in Richmond. The response was less than enthused, dozens and dozens of beer festers were offered free tickets and in all but a few exceptions the free offer was declined, over and over again, the beer fest participants declined the offer.

This looks like another Stevie Wonder type debacle for the Obama campaign on the eve of the election.


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Enthusiasm edge goes to Romney

One sure sign of an enthusiastic voting base is the presence of grass roots, homemade campaign signage. During Scott Brown’s historic U.S. Senate victory in 2009, there were homemade Brown for Senate signs all over Massachusetts. Now, in Virginia and around the country we are seeing homemade signs being produced and exhibited either in support of Romney and/or against the incumbent. The Tea Party groups have been posting their hand stenciled yellow bill boards and Gadsden flags for some time. Just this weekend I observed empty chairs (see Eastwooding) appearing around Richmond accompanied by Romney signs and American flags.

On the other side, I have not seen any thing other than OFA produced signs. Enthusiasm and intensity wins elections and it appears to be with the challenger!

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Changes, from Obama and those who support his feckless policies.

Crowder is back and better than ever!

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More Democrat Incivility; Virginia Back-Bencher Congressman on Paul Ryan


Today on POTUS, a SiriusXM satellite radio station, Gerry Connolly VA-11, a back-bencher in the House of Representatives characterized Rep. Paul Ryan, the Bydget Committee Chairman and Republican nominee for Vice President of the United States as amatuerish and likened Ryan to a Judge at the Salem witch trials. Judge Hathorne, the most noted Judge involved in the trials has been described as sadistic, ignorant, and antagonistic. POTS host Tim Farley seemed to be taken aback by the Connoly’s outrageous and uncivil depiction of the Wisconsin Republican.


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It is no laughing matter, Biden fails and embarrasses the nation.

“Just kind of a grin with a body behind it” – Clint Eastwood

Old Smirkin Joe attempts to win a debate through disrespect and rudeness and loses. Hey Joe, like the old saying goes, it’s nice to be important, but it’s more important to be nice. It was sad to watch the Vice president of the United States of America embarrass the nation with such a distasteful performance.

CNN Post Debate Snap Poll

Regardless of which candidate you happen to support, who do you think did the best job in the debate – Joe Biden or Paul Ryan?
Biden     44%

Ryan     48%

Ryan won in every category except for the question of who attacked their opponent more.

There is no doubt that the hard-core Democrats who were frustrated by the presidents lethargic performance last week were thrilled with Biden’s tactics but the independent CNN poll participants viewed the Vice President as largely ineffective. If his job was to stop the Romney momentum, he failed.


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Despite Obama’s BLS Fairytale, it does feel a lot like 1980

This is really starting to feel like 1979/1980 again.

“By the time 1979 was entering its final weeks, feelings of gloom were so heavy that even some of President Carter’s detractors had to admit he had a point: the country was suffering from a bad case of malaise.”- GEORGE JOHNSON

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As goes a Democrat run, big government California goes, so goes a Democrat run, big government nation

California has for some time now been known as unfriendly to business and to the residents who staff them. While it is arguably the most beautiful state in the union, the state and local government has succeeded in creating an exodus from the Golden State. A recent study by The Manhattan Institute summed up the cause of the migration this way,

In sum, we can identify a number of cost drivers—taxes, regulations, the high price of housing and commercial real estate, costly electricity, union power, and high labor costs—that offer incentives to businesses to locate outside California, thus helping to drive the exodus.

Whatever the exact cause is it continues, this week two large corporations, Comcast and Campbell’s Soup announced they are eliminating or exporting 1000 Sacramento area jobs.Comcast citing the high cost of doing business in California is moving 300 call center jobs to other states in the West. Campbell’s is cutting 700 jobs, a result of a plant closing they  claim is necessary to “improve supply chain productivity,” but it is not surprising that the plant they chose to close was in California.

Democrat leadership and it’s big government tendencies, whether in Sacramento or Washington, lead to diminished opportunities to earn a living and provide for yourself and your family and the increased burden of a higher cost of living. So I ask you, once Obama and the Democrats complete their California style transformation of America, once they drive more job creators away, where then will we migrate to?

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