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This Ad works

Saw this on the local ABC affiliate during Jeopardy last night.

This is gonna leave a mark and it’s fantastic that it was on broadcast television rather than just on the web.

I hadn’t heard of American Future Fund prior to this ad, but they’re asking for donations to keep this running. 

Looks like a good investment.



Raise my debt limit

h/t: Pedro


What am I to believe? The Chatter about an Improving Economy or my Lyin’ Eyes?

It is being spoken and respoken.  The Economy is in recovery.

For many years I commuted in and out of Richmond, VA’s far West End, but for economic reasons my Florida company decided that it would be best to close down our little office and have us work from home.  And I thank my lucky stars that I still have a job and a company that is reasonably solvent due to severe layoffs and belt tightening, even if it is in a dying industry.

But because my Internet provider had a malfunction, I temporarily lost Internet access today and had to find somewhere in town to log on to do my job. 

But that’s not the story.  Well, the layoffs and belt tightening, the austerity are PART of the story, but let’s move on.

When I left for home today at my old commute timeI was shocked at the light volume of traffic. 

When Circuit City corporate was here, this commute was extremely heavy and it took 5 or more traffic light cycles to make a left from Cox Rd. northbound onto Nuckols Rd., but then Circuit City died in Feb. 2009 and the traffic lessened considerably. 

Our office closed about 2 years ago, but still, it was a 3 traffic light cycle to get through that intersection.

Today, on a Monday in non-vacation season, it took only 1 light cycle and the turn lane wasn’t even half way filled.

There just weren’t that many commuters anymore. 

OK.  Maybe I was just lucky.  It was peculiar.  I was prepared for the usual vehicular combat from the days of old and I found myself with no competition to speak of.

Are other companies becoming more enlightened and allowing more and more of us to work from home thereby lessening the traffic flow? 

I’m thinking not. 

These are the everyday things that both distress me AND give me comfort that in spite of the spin from the White House and Clint Eastwood and the Obamasseuses from NBC et al.  You can’t escape the fact that the economy simply sucks and everyday people can’t help but notice the closing stores, the defunct retail chains, and the lessening job opportunities.  Properties, both residential and commercial are becoming increasingly vacant.  Prices for energy, food, and essentials are sky rocketing.

Couple all of this empirical evidence with all the people you know personally that have been devastated and it’s a pretty damning picture that’s hard to ignore and all the spin in the world can’t convince a recent victim of a business failure that the president and the Democrats have done them anything but harm.

This is Obama’s fundamental transformation of America.

You know what to do come November.


What we’re up against. It ain’t pretty.

Bill Whittle does the math on the upcoming election in his latest Firewall called ‘The Vote Pump’.  You won’t like the answer because you already know it.  Whittle just shows you the picture in a new and refreshing way.

Declaration Entertainment link.


Bill Whittle on Juan William’s Working Class

When Juan Williams threw the race card at Newt Gingrich in the last Fox News Republican debate Williams revealed more about his liberal mindset than he realized. 

No.  Work is not demeaning.  Even janitorial work.

And yes, lying about and living on handouts IS demeaning.

PJ Media’s Bill Whittle dissembles the liberal argument masterfully, as always.

I, too, worked part time as a janitor when I was in High School and it never crossed my mind that I was being demeaned.  I had money in my pocket, which my non-working friends did not and I learned the responsibility of showing up, working hard and reaping the rewards.  These lessons have served me quite well in my adult life.

But, as Whittle points out, the Democratic Party requires poor, defenseless government dependents if they are to win elections.  Without the underclass of they’re own making, the Democratic Party will forever be in the political wilderness.


New Tool for Patriots to reach their Congresscritter

Well, new to me, anyway.

Popvox is a website that shows all the bills that are active in Congress.  It allows you to get details about a bill, then vote on whether you are for or against and even allows you to compose an email to your congressional representative.

Go check it out and sign up.  It’s pretty cool.

h/t: Glenn

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Professional Badgerer Henry Waxman accuses Republicans of Badgering Solyndra Execs

Psychological projection or projection bias is a psychological defense mechanism where a person subconsciously denies his or her own attributes, thoughts, and emotions, which are then ascribed to the outside world, usually to other people.

Congressman Henry Waxman is running interference for the Obama Administration and big Democratic donor pals, the Solyndra executives, who managed to get access to and then squandered over 500 million in taxpayers funds for yet another green boondoggle.  Yesterday he accused Republicans of badgering the executives as they refused to testify.

This is the same Henry Waxman who has absolutely no problem harassing and badgering witnesses when it serves his purposes.

Like BP CEO Tony Hayward

Or Roger Clemens…

Or Victoria Toensing from the Valerie Plame case….

Let’s review, shall we?

Obama’s big campaign bundlers from Solyndra received in excess of $500 Million dollars from the Obama Administration in the form of Federal Loan guarantees.  The company never had a profitable business model and went bust, but not until after they restructured the loans to ensure that the taxpayers get paid last during the liquidation of assets.

Then the Obama White House sends its FBI, under the direction of Eric Holder, to seize all of Solyndra’s files and computers in order to conduct an ‘investigation’ which means that their executives cannot testify before the legislative branch. 

This whole process is scandalous to its core and the branch of government that should be under investigation is in possession of all of the evidence and has silenced their co-conspirators.

Why was this not a debate question the other day?  The candidates should all be out front and demanding an Independent Counsel to dig into these matters, granting immunity to the executives and employees if for no other reason than to get it into the Mainstream Media, who seem uninterested in the whole thing.


In another clear example of how much green is being distributed within this green energy scam, an Obama supporter who received $107,000,000 for his little windfarm project to host a $25,000 per plate Obama fundraiser next week.

Turns out he’s part of the Missouri Democrat Carnahan clan. 

This country looks more like a soviet banana republic every day.


MSNBC sucks so I’ll do the analysis for them…

Alright, let’s do this…

 The Republican-controlled House on Friday evening passed Speaker John Boehner’s revised bill to raise the debt ceiling, cut spending and call for a balanced-budget amendment, sending it to the Democratic-controlled Senate, where leaders said it would be thwarted.

The bill passed 218-210, with no Democratic support.

The short-term, $900 billion increase in the nation’s borrowing limit also contains $917 billion in spending cuts over a decade.

So another bill passed the House with no Democratic support.  Shocker.  What heinous concessions does this Republican bill ask for?  Well it asks for about 4 months of debt ceiling increase in exchange for equivalent cuts in the current budget and some consideration for cutting spending, capping growth to GDP, and balancing our budget against requirements.  If you’re a big government type, that’s like someone pissing in your Cheerios.  “We want to permanently confine the government’s fiscal growth to about 19% of GDP.”  Sounds awfully damn reasonable to me…

Senate Democrats vow to block it in favor of a longer-term $2.5 trillion debt limit increase with about $2.2 trillion in spending cuts.

Riiiight.  Obama is weak sauce and you know that if he has to talk fiscal policy during his reelection campaign, he’s sunk.  Better tuck this problem away safely on the back shelf for the next 18+ months so he doesn’t have to defend the expansion of government that has occurred on his watch.

Rep. Kathy Hochul, D-NY, told the House before the vote, “Never, never has there been an intentional disaster perpetrated by the very people who were sent here to be the caretakers of this country. … Am I really supposed to tell the greatest generation that when they passed us the torch, we dropped it because we couldn’t compromise?”

What about the next generation?  Are your talking points really this two dimensional?  If I ask a WWII vet to choose between himself and his great granddaughter he will laugh in my face every time.  You know why?  The choice was made long ago, but you’re just too dumb and selfish to understand.  If you have a kid, you live your life for them.  The thought of someone leeching off of the future you’re working to provide for your kids would make any honest person mad beyond reason.  Rep Kathy Hochul is an idiot.  In your face NY.

“Any solution must be bipartisan,” said Obama from the Diplomatic Room at the White House. “We’re in rough agreement,” said the president. “There are plenty of ways out of this mess.”

Yeah, the GOP offered like 5 of them over the last 2 years.  Funny how running the government without a budget wasn’t a problem for you when it made your progressive redistribution agenda work.  Now that someone is standing in the middle of the road yelling that if we don’t stop we’re screwed you’re talking about, “plenty of ways out of this mess.”  Yep.  The Republicans just passed another one tonight.  Grow a pair and read it to the Senate.

“The time for putting party first is over,” he added. “It’s time to step up and show the leadership the American people expect.”

Dude, really?  Empty suit.  My son would make a better leader than you – at least he hasn’t learned to lie to my face…yet.

He later reiterated his call to action on Twitter: “The time for putting party first is over. If you want to see a bipartisan #compromise, let Congress know. Call. Email.Tweet. –BO”

How’d that work out brother?  What?  40,000 people unsubscribed to your demagoguery?  I…am…shocked.

I have an idea.  Let’s raise the debt limit high enough to carry us about 3-4 months out with the commensurate cuts in government to ensure we aren’t just floating the cost of doing business.  Contingent on passage, an amendment must be sent to the states for review – detailing a plan to curtail future spending to 19% of GDP or less.  This process would of course need to be debated in every pub and living room in America….hell it would almost be like the American people had a voice in it.  Then we vote…democracy style.  Does that sound reasonable Mr. President?  Harry?

That’s the Republican plan in a nutshell.  Any amendment to the Constitution would ensure healthy debate over the necessity of its contents.  If the American people are on record as being against limitless spending the progressive agenda is dead.  The Democrats must stop the legislation that leaves the house from getting into the body politic at all costs because it is their death sentence.

Good riddance.


August 2nd Debt Deadline Armageddon?

People aren’t falling for it. 

In spite of all the claims of calamity and misery if the debt limit isn’t raised by August 2nd, a constant drumbeat from the White House, Congressional Democrats and their megaphone in the lame stream media, apparently we’ve grown accustomed to these kinds of wild-eyed claims in the past that proved to be utterly false.

TARP, anyone?  Stimulus?  Automaker Bailouts?  They were all sold as absolutely necessary and something that needed to be done with great haste.

We recognize this all-too-familiar tactic used to frighten people into going along with each hare-brained government scheme to seize more and more of the economy.

As to whether or not people believe that the failure to raise the debt ceiling by August 2nd has been successfully sold, here’s an online poll from Mark Levin’s website.


I realize that this is not a scientific poll and it is from Levin’s listeners, probably the most informed and most conservative people in the country, but some of them actually fell for TARP initially.  92% of them think this whole thing is a con job and an artificial deadline being hyped by the most dishonest President ever to hold office.


Debt ceiling. What debt ceiling?

How could we make the budget debate more contentious?  Why, we could threaten that without a debt ceiling increase Social Security checks would not be sent out!  Brilliant!  Isn’t it amazing how this entire August 2nd deadline has been framed as a catastrophe?  Well it is a catastrophe, but only if we allow it to be used as a facilitator for further government expansion.  Do you know what happens if we reach the debt ceiling and don’t vote to increase it?  Here’s the Executive Summary from the Debt crisis of 1995-96 (with significant reach back to earlier debt crises):

“In 1985 the government experienced a debt ceiling crisis from September 3 through December 11. During that period, Treasury took several actions that were similar to those discussed in this report. For example, Treasury redeemed Treasury securities held by the Civil Service fund earlier than normal in order to borrow sufficient cash from the public to meet the fund’s benefit payments and did not invest some trust fund receipts.  In 1986 and 1987, following Treasury’s experiences during prior debt ceiling crises, the Congress provided to the Secretary of the Treasury statutory authority to use the Civil Service  fund and the G-Fund to assist Treasury in managing its financial operations during a debt ceiling crisis.”

So basically, if we don’t raise the debt ceiling then the government is required to reallocate funds internally and postpone some interest payments.  Gross oversimplification there perhaps, but if we let them make this out to be an unprecedented crisis they can pass whatever crap they want (see: TARP).  I seem to remember something about this government and not letting a crisis go to waste…


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