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Journalistic Amnesty and The Society for Professional Journalists

As noted in a recent post on The Culture and Media Institutes website, the Society of Professional Journalists’ Diversity Committee has announced they are launching a campaign to educate journalists about the hurtfulness of phrases like “illegal immigrant,” which is the term currently preferred by the influential AP Stylebook.

The phrase “illegal Immigrant”  perfectly describes those people who have entered and settled in this country without abiding by our immigration laws and have willfully evaded the legal process. I am unclear on how this phrase is hurtful and I am certain  that if we were to use a synonymous phrase like “unlawful settler” or “criminal incomer” it would not be more or less hurtful. However the SPJ’s Diversity Committee does not recommend a synonymous phrase, they wish to twist the language, to control the narrative, to use phraseology which would grant journalistic amnesty to those “illicit aliens”.

The SPJ’s Diversity Committeee insists that because in America the legal system presumes that one is innocent until proven guilty, journalist use the phrase “undocumented immigrant”.  “Undocumented” is not the same as illegal, it is a word that falls short of defining the situation and is intentionally ambiguous. It implies that “undocumented immigrants” are not necessarily illegal. In a sane world this is not troubling and a quick verification process would settle the issue but in our current environment where any suggestion to produce documentation is equated to the Nazi  demand to see your papers the end result is amnesty. Undocumented immigrants are innocent until proven guilty and only a racist nazi would insult them by demanding they produce documentation.


Video: PJTV takes on the “Big Green” environmental movement

Did you know that just one major “green” group, the National Resources Defense Council, has a budget that dwarfs those of the American Enterprise Institute, the Competitive Enterprise Institute and the Heritage Foundation – combined?  That fact and a whole lot else are in this video, which is the first of what looks like a promising series from PJTV.  Watch it, link it, share it.

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Massive voter fraud reported in Houston

Texas Watchdog is all over the story, and it’s a big one.

Voter registration group Houston Votes has inundated the county voter registrar’s office with faulty registrations, including multiple applications for the same voters and for noncitizens, registrar Leo Vasquez said. He likens it to ACORN.

Two Texas activist groups, Houston Votes and Texans Together Education Fund, were accused Tuesday of an organized voter fraud campaign by Harris County Voter Registrar Leo Vasquez, who likened the groups to the now-discredited ACORN.

Read the rest – this is very much in ACORN’s wheelhouse, as it is in the Democrat left’s wheelhouse generally.  And Houston being Texas’ largest city, this is a very big deal to the entire state.

And when I mention the Democrats, I’m not just blowing smoke.

While Lewis maintains his group is nonpartisan, its board is decidedly liberal-leaning, according to research by blogHouston, which noted earlier this month that the Texans Together board included a Bill Clinton appointee, Democratic consultants and an aide to former Gov. Ann Richards.

Yeah.  They’re non-partisan like all the other “non-partisan” groups that, on the one hand attack the Republicans, and on the other hand, attack Republicans.  When they’re not overloading the system with fake voter registrations.

You know who all this was intended to help, don’t ya –

It’s in his city, and just when he’s running for Gov.  Coincidence, I’m sure.

BlogHouston has more on this story, including a note about the obvious silence of the state’s largest outlet solely focused on political reporting.

More: Let’s pick up a shovel and turn a few rocks over.  Texans overwhelmingly want voter photo ID for our elections, as do Americans generally.  But the Democrats have repeatedly crashed the legislature in order to stop any kind of voter photo ID bill from becoming law.  In the 2009 session, they even filibustered the bill until the session ended.  It had passed the state Senate, but the filibuster killed the House version, so it died.  Lots of other worthwhile legislation died in that filibuster, too.

Now, who led that filibuster?  Why, none other than state Rep. Jim Dunnam.  Heard of him? He’s the fellow who does not deign to live in the district that sends him to the state House.

Guess who Dunnam is in cahoots with.  Why, he’s pals and lawsuit allies with Steve Mostyn, the mold and hurricane lawyer from Houston who is bankrolling the crazy attacks on Republicans all over Texas.

There’s more to this story, and why the Democrats have fought so hard to kill voter ID in Texas.  It looks to me like they were setting up to use voter fraud in Houston to steal November for Bill White – who just happens to have reportedly taken massive political donations from Mr. Mostyn.

UPDATE from Saddleburr

An early morning fire in Harris County seems to have destroyed a large portion of the counties Voting Machines and other equipment. 

Houston Fire Department spokesman Patrick Trahan said arson investigators have not yet determined the cause of the blaze.

I hate to use the old cliche’, but I question the timing.



When PACs Attack

Recently a liberal PAC called ‘Back to Basics’ ran advertisements across 25 Texas newspapers calling Governor Rick Perry a coward for refusing to debate challenger Bill White.  The issue, though, is transparency: Bill White has refused to release his tax returns from his years in public service, and therefore hasn’t been up front with the voters.  Within the past tax releases that have been released, there was a mountain of evidence of shady, insidery deals that Bill White has made over the years, which have made him rich and, among other things, may have polluted Texas groundwater.  So the debate question hinges over whether White will release his taxes; the Perry folks have said they’ll debate once White comes clean.

So this liberal PAC sought to jettison all that back story, by resorting to gradeschool namecalling.  Thus, the idiotic “Coward” ad.

But during a Midland radio appearance earlier today, Bryan Preston, Communications Director for the Republican Party of Texas, clarified the Governor’s position and placed the spotlight on ‘Back to Basics’, which is funded by the incoming President of the Texas Trial Lawyers Association, Steve Mostyn.

It’s an interesting tale of big-money, insider politics, and influence peddling Texas style.

Exit question: Who’s the coward here, the man who flew airplanes in the Air Force and has been in the public arena as governor for 10 years, or the man who is content to hide behind rich trial lawyers who’ll do all his dirty work for him?


Bill White’s “macaca” moment: Tells Black Group that Gov Perry wants to be the “master”

And he said this in front of a group of African-American leaders, no less.

During remarks to a group of African-American leaders having lunch at a Dallas Luby’s, Bill White said he wanted to be a servant of the people, while Gov. Rick Perry wanted to be something else.

“I’m here on a job interview,” White said at the forum sponsored by state Rep. Barbara Mallory Caraway and The Elite News. “We need a governor who’s a servant, as opposed to Rick Perry, who wants to be treated as master.”

As the annoying World’s Greatest Spokesman in the World might say, yeah, he did just do that.  It’s not so much racial code as it’s the whole racial codex.  I’m not sure the race card has been played quite this heavily since Bobby Byrd, the Klan Kleagle who would become the Democrats’ “conscience of the Senate,” mumbled about Old Glory being trampled.

This a very serious moment for Bill White.  Possibly his “macaca” moment – the instant when his entire campaign could be shoved off the rails by one remark.  Only, this remark was intentional.

If there was video or audio of the “master” comment out in the wilds, he would already be reeling as it played on loops on just about every TV and radio station in Texas.

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San Antonio blogger wants Ciro and Quico to “get serious”

I wouldn’t care, except this blogger blogs at the San Antonio Express-News, that’s the big newspaper reporting in the district in question, and her post offers no evidence that she has a clue what’s at the heart of that Ciro Rodriguez video from last week.  You know the one I’m talking about – Ciro Gone WILD.

Now, to blogger Maria Anglin’s objections:

Let’s talk about this video of Ciro blowing his top with some woman at a town hall meeting last week. Ciro doesn’t look too cool and collected while he’s losing his temper, does he? No sir, he doesn’t. Now a video of Ciro’s angry words is the first thing that pops up on under the header “Ciro Rodriguez: Out-Of-Control.” Does that look good? No sir, that doesn’t either.

Ciro, thanks for apologizing. Being called a liar is a punch in the gut, but it’s part of being a politician and you ought to know how to react to that kind of stuff by now. You’re no rookie; you know that. And it appears that you now realize that there is no way to take back the moral high ground once you start pounding on the tables with a newspaper to show everyone how upset you are. It’s a safe bet that everyone in the room knew you were madder than a wet hen, and that’s not your best side. You probably shouldn’t point fingers at other adults to make your point, either — it doesn’t go over well.

And Francisco “Quico” Canseco. Do you really want to lead your Web site with this? Wouldn’t it be better to lead with your take on the issues you believe are the most critical for the 23rd Congressional District, as your note posted right under the Ciro video says? If you’re leading with a fistful of “look how badthis clown looks,” what does that say about your position?

What we have here is a blogger’s failure to understand what she’s seeing.  The Ciro Gone WILD video is serious, on its own, for two reasons, and the Canseco campaign is more than justified in making a big deal out of it.  First, the video demonstrates clearly that Ciro Rodriguez doesn’t understand the bill that he voted for.  He tries citing the government’s numbers on that bill, and his own constituent calls him out for using dated figures – figures that are no longer in operation, according to the very government Rodriguez is relying on for authority here.  Rodriguez’s reaction shows that he’s operating from talking points that his party or maybe someone on his staff wrote for him (just a guess, but the talking points’ author is probably somewhere within Obama’s personal political army, Organizing for America) and he doesn’t know what to do when those talking points get blown up in front of a room full of people whose votes he’s trying to get.  So he lashes out, and looks like a menacing jerk in the process.

All of that is serious.  You want bullet points, here are a few.

1. Dem Rep Ciro Rodriguez doesn’t know what the hell he voted for or what it will cost, so

2. He relied on talking points rather than having any real understanding of the bill (which is his job, by the way), and

3. When those talking points are proven to be useless,

4. Ciro Rodriguez chooses to lash out rather than admit his shortcomings and his error in voting for that bill.

All that seems pretty clear to me.  Let’s hope it sinks in on Ciro’s defender over at the Express-News.

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True Confessions

The Washington Post’s ombudsman has taken his own fishwrapper to task for not covering the Black Panther Voter Intimidation case and it’s subsequent dismissal by Eric Holder’s Justice Department.

The Post should never base coverage decisions on ideology, nor should it feel obligated to order stories simply because of blogosphere chatter from the right or the left.

But in this case, coverage is justified because it’s a controversy that screams for clarity that The Post should provide. If Attorney General Eric H. Holder Jr. and his department are not colorblind in enforcing civil rights laws, they should be nailed. If the Commission on Civil Rights’ investigation is purely partisan, that should be revealed. If Adams is pursuing a right-wing agenda, he should be exposed.

In response to this criticism their editor, Kevin Merida,  justified WaPo’s tardiness in wading into the controversy, wishing they’d gotten on the ball sooner.  The first report from them was last Thursday…

 The delay was a result of limited staffing and a heavy volume of other news on the Justice Department beat.

Under.  Staffed.  

Perhaps when Obama gets around to the print media bailout they’ll be able to staff up enough to cover these and other political atrocities being perpetrated on the American people and its Constitution.

Admittedly,  Holder and Justice have been very busy. 

  • Trying to move Gitmo trials to NYC. 
  • Hiring lawyers who worked pro bono to defend terrorists.
  • Suing Arizona over its desire to enforce existing federal immigration laws. 
  •  Fighting unsuccessfully in the courts over the drilling moratorium. 
  • Preparing defenses for the myriad of lawsuits by the states over Obamacare.

Maybe WaPo has a point.

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