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My Mental War

Hi!  I’m new here, so I should introduce myself.  My name is Linda, and I’m your standard, run-of-the-mill, right-wing wife of a military man who likes the way I stay home and raise his kids and stuff.  Shoot, I don’t even exist, as far as The Left is concerned.  Acknowledging my existence would . . . disrupt their narrative.

Ooh, I can tell already that I’m gonna fit right in.  Thanks for your hospitality, Mr. Saddleburr.

And now, without further ado:

My Mental War

Recently, Missy and I debated whether Obama spoke out of ignorance or calculation when he said that overturning his healthcare law would be “unprecedented.”

Today I find myself mentally debating this question again, this time about Hilary Rosen’s “never worked a day in her life” schtick.

Was it a gaffe, in which she let the mask slip?  Or was it calculated to distract us from The Real Issue?

I wrestle with this mental debate a lot, and I can never truly make up my mind.  Neither answer satisfies my rather unfortunate urge to understand these people because either way, the truth is unsettling.

Take Ms. Rosen’s case, for example.  Either she is disdainful of women who (if they are “rich enough” to have the “luxury” of the choice) decide not to work, or she is willing to say anything with a straight face if it will benefit her political party.

Which is it?  And did you notice how clever that little limitation is?  The disdain is reserved only for the rich stay-at-home moms, ‘natch.  Disparaging the opinions of all stay-at-home moms would be beyond the pale, even for the most leftist of the left.

Of course, this limitation only works if it’s true.  First, it must be true that rich persons cannot understand the difficulties of the poor.  In other words, there is no such thing as empathy in Ms. Rosen’s world.

Second, it must be true that staying home is a luxury reserved for the wealthy.  And oh, looky, right on cue, the President enters stage left with his ridiculous claim that they couldn’t afford the “luxury” of Michelle staying home.  (Never-you-mind about the First Lady’s opinion.  That was way back in 2007 when she said that staying home makes her ill.)

Do you know what?

I’m tired of wondering whether these people are actually thick enough to believe the ridiculous things they say.

Is it purely partisan political hackery?  Or do they really believe that only the rich can live comfortably on one income?  If so, then the Obamas and the Rosens may as well live on the moon, they are so far out of touch.  Come on over to my house, guys.  Meet me and all my stay-at-home mom buddies.  We exist.  None of us are even the teensiest bit rich.

Oh, no.  See what I’m doing?  Mentally debating the “ignorance v. calculation” question.  Again!  I may need professional help.

It’s just . . . I’m confused.  I can’t even keep up with the various lines of reasoning.  Does the left believe there is a real Republican War on Women?  (In which women are dying!  Dying! Because evil conservatives are killing them during childbirth!)

Or not?  Because we have Ms. Rosen saying the Democrats had actually never used the phrase “War on Women,” and that it was a Republican invention.

Wait.  Is it really . . . Obama’s War on Women?

Okay.  I guess I’m done.  I thought I’d have something more meaningful to say about The Left and The Right and The Staying Home and The Mommy Wars, which is normally like crack to my little brain.

Yet, here I am too far into a post to just delete it, and with nothing more meaningful to add than this:  it doesn’t matter what we say anymore.  We’d probably be better off not responding at all.

Ann Kane at The American Thinker says it best:

“Wouldn’t it be cool if he next time the Left entices us with some manufactured crisis, we just ignore it and continue on with exposing what’s really going on?”


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Were SEIU members compensated for Pro-Obamacare activism at the Supreme Court?

I was in Washinton DC on the day that the United States Supreme Court was hearing arguments on the constitutionality of the individual mandate in the controversial health care law known as “Obamacare”. The area in front of the court was filled with activists on both sides of the issue. As I approached the  courthouse I saw a group of people departing, which appeared to be SEIU members. They were discussing what sounded like compensation for their brief shift on the sidewalk in front of the Courthouse. There are several mentions of $20 that was given to each of them in a brown envelope.

As Nancy Pelosi might say, we call that astroturf.


The White House wants to know, who do you trust on your energy future?

David Ploufe, Obama’s senior adviser, appeared on Fox News Sunday and asked, who do you trust on your energy future? That, ladies and gentleman, is a no brainer, and it is not the current administration.


Conservative working women reject the welfare state, Democrats painfully befuddled.

Last night on MSNBC, DNC hack Karen Finney was in anguish when informed that in Alabama, 49% of working women voted for Rick Santorum. She then went on to insinuate that these women are just ignorant of the real message. She said, “yes, there’s the economy, but if you’ve got to worry about basic health care, how are you going to be able to do what you need to do as far as having a job, paying your rent, and taking care of your kids.”

What these progressives fail to understand is that conservative men and women believe that a robust economy is the key to enabling them to earn a living and provide food, housing, and health care for themselves and their families.


Chu on High Gas Prices – The president and I acknowledge and feel your pain

Obama, feeling our pain?

During a Senate hearing on Monday, Department of Energy Secretary Steven Chu was asked if he still believed, as he stated in 2008, that somehow we have to figure out how to boost the price of gasoline to the levels in Europe. Chu’s answer was quite revealing as he carefully explained that the moment he went to work for the Federal government, the very moment he walked in the door as Secretary of Energy, he immediately cast aside his position on boosting gasoline prices and he and President Obama are doing everything in their power, everything possible, to reduce gasoline prices. He then went on to say that as a representative of the U.S government, in an election year, right now, in this very slow economy, he is not still for boosting gas prices to European levels but he reserves the right to advocate for high gas prices at some later date when circumstances change.

It has often been said that Chu lacks political skills and this is a prime example of it. At best he is remarkably unconvincing, and at worst, he is a horrible liar. Senator Lee asked Chu if he understood the pain this increase in gasoline prices is imposing on hundreds of millions of Americans. Senator Chu responded saying that the president and I personally, yes we do acknowledge and feel the pain not only of American consumers, but American businesses when they see these prices increase.

The claim is especially egregious. To testify before the Senate that this administration empathizes over surging gas prices with the average American on the very same day that President Obama and his buddy from England took a $362K flight aboard a 747 Jumbo jet to munch on hot dogs and catch a basketball game in Ohio ( a swing state) is outrageous. Yeah baby, Obama feels our pain alright!


Obama’s new Corporate Tax Cut. Did I say “Cut”? I meant “Hike”

The latest strategy from Obama is to sell his new Corporate Tax Cut, lowers the overall rate from 35% to 28%, but as with all Obama parlor tricks, it eliminates many deductions that allow corporations to pay less than the 35% rate under the current system.

Also, brand new to the table is the provision that profits that are made from overseas will now be taxed even if the money is never brought back to the United States.

This is going to have devastating impact on companies like Ford, IBM and Caterpillar, to name but a few.

That means that many businesses that slip through loopholes or enjoy subsidies and pay an effective tax rate that is substantially less than the 35 percent corporate tax could end up paying more under Obama’s plan.

Obama, acting like the common street hustler that he is, is perpetrating an election year class envy hoax on the gullible and this is nothing but a con designed to whip up class envy and finally punish the successful by advancing his socialist wealth redistribution scheme.

The Republican candidates need to pound this and pound it loudly and without end.

Exit question: If this new corporate tax proposal actually comes into being, and it is admittedly a long shot at best, will General Electric and Government Motors finally have to pay taxes?


Santorum effectively outlines our choice in 2012

Presidential candidate Rick Santorum addressed Arizona Republicans yesterday and effectively outlined our choice in November. Santorum, despite facing a full frontal attack by the main stream media and those in the Republican establishment, continues to best connect with voters.

Unlike Romney (a corporatist) or Gingrich (always in search of big solutions involving Federal government such as job training, moon colonies, etc.) Santorum’s vision for the American comeback relies on his belief in us and our proven ability, if unhindered by government, to fuel our recovery.

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2012 GOP slogan: “16-45-15-5″



It is not as catchy as 9-9-9 but it may be a winning combination. While reading comments over at the PJ Tatler, I ran across a pretty damn good suggestion from a reader who calls themself slider. Slider suggests that the GOP should focus on the economy in 2012 by adopting the slogan: “16-45-15-5″ That’s $16 trillion in US debt, 45 million people on food stamps, 15% real unemployment, $5 per gallon gasoline.

There is no question that Obama’s soldiers in the main stream media are attempting to divert the campaign away from Obama’s dismal record and towards social issues. We all remember how Herman Cain would answer any question by touting his 9-9-9 plan and I would recommend that whenever Andrea Mitchell or one of the other  MSM reporters ask one of the Republican candidates about gay marriage, free contraception, or some other social issue they should answer 16-45-15-5 and redirect the focus of this campaign where it belongs; on jobs and the economy.


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Graphic Pictorial of the Obama Presidency

From the U.S Government’s Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Anybody who spends their own money for the basic necessities know this intuitively, but to see this represented graphically is instructive. A 12 oz. box of Kellogg’s Corn Flakes have gone from $2.99 in 2008 to $3.79 in 2011, a 27% increase.

The media, of course, are silent about the inflation that we see every day.

The following are snapshots of average prices from the beginning of the Obama presidency to present.

See a pattern?

Four more years? Sorry. Can’t afford it.

Add these to the costs of powering your home and your Chevy Volt…

And gasoline prices after your Volt has gone off of coal powered electricity at the end of its 26 miles range??
Not so good. Like I had to tell you that.

These soaring prices might explain the irratic charts for wine and beer. It looks like Americans are freaking out about the nature of life under this president.


Now, wine….

America appears to be on an Obama induced bender.

We’re one election and a twelve step program away from recovery as a nation.

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Obama’s America in 2016

One of the highlights from CPAC 2012 that I haven’t gotten around to posting was Dinesh D’Souza’s speech and a trailer about a movie that’s in the works from the Producer of ‘Schindler’s List’, ‘Braveheart’ and other blockbusters.

D’Souza tells how Obama is executing his father’s anti-colonialist vendetta against America. 

Why, for example, does Obama restrict oil drilling in America while promoting it in Brazil, Columbia and Mexico?


Wanna bet that Obama puts pressure on the major movie theater chains to squash this indictment of him?


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