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What am I to believe? The Chatter about an Improving Economy or my Lyin’ Eyes?

It is being spoken and respoken.  The Economy is in recovery.

For many years I commuted in and out of Richmond, VA’s far West End, but for economic reasons my Florida company decided that it would be best to close down our little office and have us work from home.  And I thank my lucky stars that I still have a job and a company that is reasonably solvent due to severe layoffs and belt tightening, even if it is in a dying industry.

But because my Internet provider had a malfunction, I temporarily lost Internet access today and had to find somewhere in town to log on to do my job. 

But that’s not the story.  Well, the layoffs and belt tightening, the austerity are PART of the story, but let’s move on.

When I left for home today at my old commute timeI was shocked at the light volume of traffic. 

When Circuit City corporate was here, this commute was extremely heavy and it took 5 or more traffic light cycles to make a left from Cox Rd. northbound onto Nuckols Rd., but then Circuit City died in Feb. 2009 and the traffic lessened considerably. 

Our office closed about 2 years ago, but still, it was a 3 traffic light cycle to get through that intersection.

Today, on a Monday in non-vacation season, it took only 1 light cycle and the turn lane wasn’t even half way filled.

There just weren’t that many commuters anymore. 

OK.  Maybe I was just lucky.  It was peculiar.  I was prepared for the usual vehicular combat from the days of old and I found myself with no competition to speak of.

Are other companies becoming more enlightened and allowing more and more of us to work from home thereby lessening the traffic flow? 

I’m thinking not. 

These are the everyday things that both distress me AND give me comfort that in spite of the spin from the White House and Clint Eastwood and the Obamasseuses from NBC et al.  You can’t escape the fact that the economy simply sucks and everyday people can’t help but notice the closing stores, the defunct retail chains, and the lessening job opportunities.  Properties, both residential and commercial are becoming increasingly vacant.  Prices for energy, food, and essentials are sky rocketing.

Couple all of this empirical evidence with all the people you know personally that have been devastated and it’s a pretty damning picture that’s hard to ignore and all the spin in the world can’t convince a recent victim of a business failure that the president and the Democrats have done them anything but harm.

This is Obama’s fundamental transformation of America.

You know what to do come November.


Boring and Predictable. AFL-CIO plans Occupy CPAC

Because I’m part of the 1% I will be attending the Conservative Political Action Conference next week in DC, according to the AFL-CIO.


What?  I’m getting a substantial pay raise?  That’s awesome!

That Obama would unleash his Good Squad of flying monkeys on the premiere conservative event of the year is so totally predictable and expected that it is of no surprise to me.  I’ve been predicting this, as well as their presence at both parties nominating conventions for months.

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What we’re up against. It ain’t pretty.

Bill Whittle does the math on the upcoming election in his latest Firewall called ‘The Vote Pump’.  You won’t like the answer because you already know it.  Whittle just shows you the picture in a new and refreshing way.

Declaration Entertainment link.


Oakland Occupier advances from trying to kill the Golden Goose of free markets…

to strangling his adoptive parents.  It’s a pity when liberals raise children that absorb their entitlement mentality and turn into dysfunctional teens.  But this precious little snowflake is brimming with self-esteem and a healthy distrust of ‘the Man’.

He is 15 and apparently this incident was sparked by an argument about how much time he was spending with the anarchists of the Occupy Oakland movement.  Not that he shouldn’t be spending ANY time with them.  It was HOW MUCH time he was spending with Occupy.

He’ll now receive all of his food, clothing, housing and medical expenses for free, so he got what he wanted in the end.

Pay up, suckas!!


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Bill Whittle on Juan William’s Working Class

When Juan Williams threw the race card at Newt Gingrich in the last Fox News Republican debate Williams revealed more about his liberal mindset than he realized. 

No.  Work is not demeaning.  Even janitorial work.

And yes, lying about and living on handouts IS demeaning.

PJ Media’s Bill Whittle dissembles the liberal argument masterfully, as always.

I, too, worked part time as a janitor when I was in High School and it never crossed my mind that I was being demeaned.  I had money in my pocket, which my non-working friends did not and I learned the responsibility of showing up, working hard and reaping the rewards.  These lessons have served me quite well in my adult life.

But, as Whittle points out, the Democratic Party requires poor, defenseless government dependents if they are to win elections.  Without the underclass of they’re own making, the Democratic Party will forever be in the political wilderness.


Obama Nannystate Potty Training America

This photo from illustrates yet another example of the twisted logic of this president and his administration in which they condone and encourage the despicable behavior of the Occupy scumbags while they  publicly express disgust over the story of some snipers pissing on some dead Taliban scumbags. When asked about the incident White House spokesman Jay Carney said “We’ve seen the video and what it depicts is deplorable, reprehensible and unacceptable,” while at the height of the OWS circus, Obama advisor David Ploufe made the rounds to the news shows to say the White House wants to make it clear that President Barack Obama is on the same side as the Occupy Wall Street protesters – and that Republicans are not.


Monday Night Propaganda from the Obama Campaign

Received an email from Obama 2012 tonight.

Is this guy, Mike McCarry from Pennsylvania, for real?  First, Mike, thank you for your service. 

That the Obama Democrats have to prove that they get misty at the sound of the national anthem is hideous, considering many on your team hang the flag upside down, defecate on that flag or in terms of Obama’s good buddy, Billy Ayres, stand on the flag.  But lets move on.  I won’t even mention your wife and how she feels about the country.  Or your pastor and his exhortations about America.

“The Senate passed the veterans portion of the President’s Jobs Bill..”  Um, both houses passed that bill, I believe, as that was the one kernel of palatable legislation in this crap sandwich.

“President Obama has my support.  He is for people like me.”  Really?  What kind of people are you?  The lazy, give me stuff people like the Occupy movement?  You claim to be for jobs, but this president is personally responsible for shutting down thousands of jobs when he killed drilling in the Gulf of Mexico, killed thousands of jobs when his NLRB killed Boeing’s plans for an aircraft factory in South Carolina, and killed thousands more jobs when he shelved the oil pipeline from Canada to Texas.  He’s raided guitar factories.  He’s nationalized the auto industry.  He’s hijacked the student loan industry.

All in all, President Obama and his policies have killed MILLIONS of jobs, Mike.

But who is this Mike McCarry, anyway?  Just a regular guy picked at random out of the crowd?

Here’s something he quoted to Barack’s campaign website earlier in the month.

“I’ve been a Democrat my whole life, but don’t get me wrong—I’ve voted for a lot of Republicans. We’ve had some good Republican candidates here in Pennsylvania, and I think way back I voted for Reagan, so I don’t just go in and pull the lever. But these guys seem to have gotten unreasonable. I’ve heard them say the most important thing is that Obama doesn’t get re-elected, which I don’t understand—how can that be the most important thing?

You think MAYBE you voted for Reagan?  Oh wait.  Maybe I voted for Obama.  Cut the bullshit, Mike.  Name ONE Republican you’ve ever voted for.  Don’t try to cast yourself as a disenchanted former Reaganite.  Reaganites don’t vote for Socialists.

You’re a soft spoken partisan hack who spins tales.  You have 2 jobs and your wife has 5?  Isn’t that a Saturday Night Live skit? 

“Right now I have two jobs,” Mike explains. “I’ve been working for a little over three years driving a school bus for our local school district, and I also work for an office that collects hospital bills. I’m not there full-time except during the summer. I haven’t been able to take a week off for the last four or five years.”

I find it interesting that you and your family have run up all of these student loan debts but it seems that you all went to the University of School Bus Driving.  But you got all of Emperor Zero’s talking points in on who the bad guys are.  Mission Accomplished.

Be prepared for the soft and fuzzy lies where Obama uses normal folk to spin lies on his behalf, the very people he despises and wouldn’t give the time of day to.  He’ll be off at a cocktail party with his Wall Street buddies high five-ing and laughing at useful idiots like Mike.

It’s here.


Now I Understand

Perhaps the most idiotic sign displayed by OWS protesters to date.



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Richmond Tea Party: City Leaders endorse anarchy.

Eric McGrane, President of the Richmond Tea Party, just asserted to me that laws should be universal, applying to all groups equally, but the fact that RTP has well documented issues requiring compliance and expenditures somewhere between $8,000 and $10,000 that were forced upon the group over the last three Tea Party events in Richmond shows that all laws do NOT apply equally.

“The fact that they are not and the fact that mayor Jones refuses to enforce the law and choses to empathize with the OWS movement shows that city leadership endorses anarchy over lawfulness in Richmond.”, said McGrane.

I remember the mounting requirements and impediments as we planned the first Richmond Tea Party.  At first we were told that as long as the first event was mobile, i.e., not stationary, that no permit was required.  Once it was determined that our Richmond Tea Party group was too large to unleash on the streets of Richmond we complied with every single demand from the city, including acquiring a Special Events permit, a million dollar liability policy, spending for police security, a medical emergency team, portable toilets, vendor licenses and a myriad of other obstacles.

McGrane stresses that Richmond Tea Party maintains a good working relationship with the various departments, including parks and recreations, and the police, but their beef is with the mayor and city leadership that penalizes a law abiding organization like Richmond Tea Party, but gives a pass to the anarchists, communists, socialists, and community organizers from the Occupy movement.

A refund for the over $8,000 in expenses incurred over the last 3 RTP events is justified and appropriate.

One last point.  The Governor that sat in the Richmond capital in 2009 was former DNC Chair and Senate Candidate Tim Kaine.  Nothing that happens in the capital city goes without the notice and approval of the Governor.  Did Tim Kaine advise that the mayor erect such roadblocks?  Just curious.


Brilliant move by the Richmond Tea Party

Richmond, Virginia city government has been charging the Richmond Tea Party thousands of dollars since its inception for permits, extra police patrols, portajohns, stage permits in addition to requiring a very expensive insurance policy for the privilege of using the park at Kanawha Plaza for RTP’s Tax Day Tea Parties.  I know first hand as the one time fundraiser for the early RTP.

Richmond Tea Party April 15, 2009

But, the Occupy Richmond group has been assembled for several days in the very same park without any of the permits or facilities listed above.

To that end, yesterday the Richmond Tea Party issued a press release pointing out this double standard and is going to present Richmond Mayor Dwight Jones with an invoice to be reimbursed for these costs.

Update:  The invoice is for $10,000

Bravo Richmond Tea Party!

All Tea Party groups across the country should follow suit.


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